Mix & Shade Collection

Designed by Mosaico+ in Italy, Vetrina is the first mosaic line offering the finely-tuned detail and precise gradations of 10 mm chips, presented in twenty-four balanced Mix and eight gradient Shades.
Each Mix is sold separately by the sheet and can be combined to create Shade gradients adapted to any size space.

Gradients can transform a backsplash, shower, pool or any interior or exterior area from a static two-dimensional surface to a lively, dynamic progression of color.

Because the Mixes are supplied separately, you can easily create custom gradients
that transition dark to light or light to dark.

The possibilities are endless:

  • dark in the center dissolving to light at the sides
  • light at center dissolving to dark
  • left to right
  • right to left or even a diagonal progression from corner to corner.

Wider areas may allow for a “wave” or pulsing effect of repeated transitions.



Would you like to use MIX & SHADE on a specific surface/wall? Try our new online configurator.