Cathedral Glass

Diamond is new and pure. It replaces natural curves with simple, elegant, geometric shapes.
It goes beyond the concept of patterns to put the spotlight on the space itself.
At its heart is thought, the perfect beauty of reason.
Diamond is the sharp corners seen in the stunning design of the Chrysler Building by William Van Alen and in the pure geometry of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Diamond is the cathedral glass from windows steeped in history, the history of sacred medieval architecture, the history of leaded mosaic windows made from glass that refracts the light, creating shapes that dance.
Diamond is, above all, connection, the true star of decor. This creates a pattern that moves through sheets of glass and takes our eye over algorithmic shapes.

Diamond is a mosaic made of artistic raw materials.
It can be coloured with full tone and plain hues or can have a shaded and veined appearance.
The unusual design allows the use of grouts in tone-on-tone shades for a refined effect, or in contrasting colours for a more eccentric, trendy composition.

Diamond has a strong identity, a style that is simultaneously succinct and volumetrically aerodynamic, opulent and luxurious. This is thanks to the blend of arithmetic, geometry and modern design with the ancient history of the art of Italian mosaic.



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