Cersaie 2016

Shape your Style: mosaics as part of a greater design concept

Mosaics as material for a project: a combination of art and tradition, manual skills and technology is transformed and renewed through a modern design in line with the latest living trends.
Each space becomes personal and unique thanks to materials and decorations that transform all the appeal of a technique as old as it is extraordinary modern, in a state-of-the-art research of surfaces and interior design, able to inspire material, tactile and creative feelings.
The mosaic is part of a larger composition concept: an assortment of colours, objects, combined materials, decorations in different shapes make it the centrepiece of a new concept of interior design.

Mosaico+ returns to Cersaie 2016 displaying part of its collections using 3D moodboards which combine the beauty and fixedness of the mosaic with the polyhedral world of projects.
A captivating and unusual idea of “Work in Progress”, which displays the designer’s way of comparing on a wall the draft results of a coordinated and reasoned research on colour choices, surfaces and finishing features.